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Wigs » Neon Colors

Our Neon Color Wigs are so bright you will shine like the sun! Whenever you need to jazz up your costume, a vibrant color can electrify your look. Male or female, young or old, these wigs are perfect for just about anyone. Put together an outfit that will dazzle the crowd. These fantastic hairpieces can be used to create unique looks or can finish off a character outfit. Great for clowns, pop divas, anime characters, and more, you will look exceptionally stunning at your party. These wigs aren't just for Halloween, either. You can wear them to clubs and concerts, sporting events, parades, and holiday celebrations.

  1. Short St. Patrick
  2. Neon Blue and Aqua Glow Two Tone Long Wavy Wig
  3. Neon Blue Glam Adult Wig
  4. Women
  5. Neon Pink Glam Adult Wig
  6. Neon Purple Glam Adult Wig
  7. Women
  8. Neon Yellow Glamourama Adult Wig
  9. Rainbow Rocker Multi Color Wig
  10. Neon Red Glamourama Adult Wig
  11. Neon Blue Glamourama Adult Wig
  12. Neon Purple Starbright Long Wavy Wig
  13. Deluxe Red Charm Wig Adult
  14. 80s Electric Pink Wig Adult
  15. Women
  16. Neon Pink Starbright Long Wavy Wig
  17. Neon Pink Pop Rainbow Bang Bob Wig
  18. Neon Blue Starbright Long Wavy Wig
  19. Women
  20. Neon Red Glam Adult Wig
  21. True Colors Red and Yellow Wig Adult
  22. Women
  23. Neon Aqua Glam Adult Wig
  24. Fuchsia and Pink Cambria Two Tone Long Wavy Wig

Choose from our incredible selection of neon hairpieces for a look that will stand out of the crowd. We offer a wide variety of designs and colors that will highlight your ensemble. Blue, green, purple, yellow, red, we have so many bright and vibrant colors, including rainbow patterns. Pick a style that fits your personality. We have short and long hair, curly, pigtails, and spiked. You will be able to find the perfect wig to match your spectacular wardrobe. You are going to look extraordinary wearing one of our outstanding hairpieces.

Illuminate the room with an appearance that shines with radiant beauty. Order one of our Neon Color Wigs today!