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Wigs » Afros

The Afro is the much maligned natural style of curly hair that became popular in the Sixties and Seventies among African Americans as a rebellion against the chemically flattened and decidedly unnatural hairstyles they had worn for decades, the Afro was a natural look. It very quickly became associated with rockers like Jimmy Hendrix, groups like the Black Panthers, and actresses like Pam Grier.Nowadays, this wild style is both mocked and emulated like most other elements of counter-culture from that period.

Here at Wholesale Costume Club, we don't judge! Use our wide selection of Afro Wigs for any costume or look your heart desires and keep it as groovy, righteous, or real as you please! We have a huge variety of colors and sizes to choose from here, with prices to suit any budget, and a surprising number of styles. There are comically huge Afros, Afros with sideburns, Afros with highlights, Afros that sparkle and light up, short Afros, Afro poofs, parted Afros, Afros with headbands, rainbow colored clown Afros, patriotic Afros, Afros with beards, and even glow in the dark Afros!

  1. wigs - Black Economy Afro Wig Adult
  2. wigs - Jumbo Black Afro Adult Wig
  3. wigs - Unisex 60s and 1970
  4. wigs - Child Black Afro Wig
  5. wigs - Disco Fro Wig Adult
  6. wigs - Fine Foxy Brown & Blonde Afro Wig
  7. wigs - Men
  8. wigs - Adult Disco Glitter Wig- Brunette
  9. wigs - Afro Poof Wig Adult
  10. wigs - Unisex Deluxe Disco Afro Wig Natural Red Adult
  11. wigs - Sexy Light-Up Afro Wig
  12. wigs - Unisex Deluxe Disco Afro Wig Mixed Blonde Adult
  13. wigs - Disco Sensations Burgundy Wig Adult
  14. wigs - Ladies Blonde Deluxe Mega Fro
  15. wigs - Men
  16. wigs - Deluxe Jumbo Afro Wig Adult
  17. wigs - 1970
  18. wigs - Pop Afro Wig Blonde Adult
  19. wigs - Pop Afro Wig Black Adult
  20. wigs - LMFAO RedFoo Curly Wig
  21. wigs - Unisex Brown Deluxe Jumbo Afro Wig Adult
  22. wigs - Girl Power Scary Spice Brown Afro Women
  23. wigs - Disco Short Afro Wig Adult
  24. wigs - Truckin

That's not all! Naturally, there are Afro wigs that mimic African American hair, but we also have Caucasian Afros in a variety of colors, everything from brown curls to blonde frizz to burgundy rings for men and women and children! Make a statement, create a funky Disco character of your own, or emulate a popular character like Ronald MacDonald, a member of the Brady clan from The Brady Bunch, Napoleon Dynamite, Buddy the elf from Elf, or even Foxy Brown!

Here at Wholesale Costume Club, we have all the wigs you need to make your Halloween into a disco inferno!