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Wigs » 80s

Huge hair, leg warmers, shoulder pads, Ray-Ban Aviators, and Cosby Sweaters. These fashion items can only be found in one era, the 1980s! Every one knows the 80s were a time of outrageous style, that's why the fashion from that era makes for a great Halloween costume today. If you are going as a 80s stud or a Valley girl this year, be sure you accessorize your ensemble with one of our 80s wigs. These are natural hair wigs that are stylized after popular figures from the era. We have wigs for men, women wigs that are comfortable wear and that will really pull your 80s ensemble together.

  1. Neon Yellow Glamourama Adult Wig
  2. Brown Mullet Wig
  3. Red Clip In Hair Extensions
  4. Blue Clip In Hair Extensions
  5. 80s Electric Pink Wig Adult
  6. Multicolored 80
  7. Unisex 80s Black Wig for Adult
  8. Men
  9. Mc Poser Wig Adult
  10. 80
  11. Adult Blonde Seduction Wig
  12. Men
  13. Neon Pink Glam Adult Wig
  14. Adult Lets Get Physical Wig
  15. Short Hot Pink Pop Wig Adult
  16. Men
  17. Auburn Seductress Wig Adult
  18. Unisex 80
  19. Neon Purple Glam Adult Wig
  20. Neon Orange Glam Adult Wig
  21. Orange Clip In Hair Extensions
  22. Yellow Clip In Hair Extensions
  23. Green Clip In Hair Extensions
  24. Blonde Mullet Wig for Adult

Whether you were too young to know what the 80s were like or you are trying to relive your younger-years, a stylish wig is the perfect accessory for your outfit. We have pop diva style wigs that feature short frizzy hair. Some of these women's diva wigs come in platinum blonde and some come in outrageous neon colors. We have men's frizzy mullet style wigs, which make for the perfect addition to any glam rocker or heavy metal Halloween ensemble. We also carry spiky mullet style ladies wigs for those who like to walk the walk and talk the talk. Each one of these wigs features their own style, however if you know the hair big back then was always teased and large, so you should know that our 80s wigs follows that same style.

Have an outrageous Halloween this year by dressing up as a pop diva, punker rocker, or valley girl from 80s.