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Wigs » 70s

Now you can bust a move looking fly under the disco ball when you accessorize your dress or costume with one of our 70s wigs. If you remember the fashion of the 1970s then you are sure to know that it was a time of bell bottom pants, psychedelic shirts, and loud hair styles. So if you are planning to don your finest disco kicks this Halloween then why not pair a fun wig with the ensemble along with your other accessories. We have 70s wigs for adult men and women. So turn your Halloween party into a disco inferno with one of these fashionable wigs.

  1. Green Afro Wig
  2. Unisex 60s and 1970
  3. Disco Dirtbag Blonde and Brown Wig and Mustache Adult
  4. Jumbo Black Afro Adult Wig
  5. Disco Fro Wig for Adult
  6. Adult Blonde Discorama Mama Wig
  7. Natural Red Unisex Deluxe Disco Afro Wig for Adult
  8. Afro Poof Wig for Adult
  9. Shag Mans 1970
  10. Sexy Light-Up Afro Wig
  11. Deluxe Jumbo Afro Wig for Adults
  12. Adult Auburn Discorama Mama Wig
  13. Adult Afro
  14. Mixed Blonde Unisex Deluxe Disco Afro Wig for Adult
  15. 1970
  16. Brown Feathered 70s Male Wig for Adult
  17. Feathered and Flirty Blonde Wig
  18. Black Pop Afro Wig for Adult
  19. Disco Sensations Burgundy Wig Adult
  20. Blonde Pop Afro Wig for Adult
  21. Disco Short Afro Wig Adult
  22. Adult Black Supa Freakin Wig
  23. Unisex Brown Deluxe Jumbo Afro Wig Adult
  24. Adult Disco Glitter Wig- Brunette

When it comes to 70s hair styles afro was king! Both men and women puffed out their afros to look their best at the disco. If an afro is what you are looking for we have some of the most stylish men and women's afros on the market today. However, if puffy hair isn't your style, don't fret, we got some other blonde, brunette, and black hair wigs that are designed with the seventies look in mind. We have long shimmering blonde hair wigs for the ladies and we got wavy shag style wigs for the fellas. Simply put on one of our wigs with your bell bottom pants and platform heels and you'll be ready for one booty shaking evening.

Even though the seventies have come and gone, the style still remains. So bring to a life of loud fashion, fun dance music, and a carefree lifestyle by pairing your Halloween ensemble with one of our 70s wigs.