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Vampire Costumes

By day, vampires lurk in the shadows to avoid the sun. Then when night comes, they hunt for the blood that gives them eternal life. This dark, yet exciting character can be yours to play this Halloween in one of our vampire or vampira costumes. Vampire costumes have a mysterious and terrifying appearance whether you go for a Gothic, Count Dracula look or one that is more like Edward Cullen's handsome pallor.

As you look as our vampire costumes, you will notice that not all of them feature the old fashioned, Gothic look consisting of a vest, a black cape with a high collar. The modern vampire's of today such as those from Lost Boys, Vampire Diaries and Twilight achieve their look through vampire makeup and wigs.

  1. girls-costumes - Monster High Deluxe Draculaura Costume
  2. womens-costumes - 45 Inch Red Satin Cape Costume for Adults
  3. womens-costumes - Ghostly Gal Costume for Adult
  4. womens-costumes - Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume
  5. girls-costumes - Kids Draculaura Sweet 1600 Monster High Deluxe Costume
  6. mens-costumes - 45 Inch Adult Black Satin Cape
  7. mens-costumes - Hooded Valvet Black Cape Costume for Adults
  8. womens-costumes - Hooded Crushed Red Velvet Cape Costume for Adult
  9. womens-costumes - Adult Morticia From the Addams Family Costume
  10. mens-costumes - Full Length Black Fabric Cape Adult Costume
  11. womens-costumes - Adult Deluxe Hooded Gown Plus Size Costume
  12. womens-costumes - Full Length Red Cape Adult Costume
  13. womens-costumes - Bride of Darkness Women
  14. womens-costumes - Haunted Hooded Cape and Dress Women
  15. girls-costumes - Girls Vampiress Costume
  16. plus-size-costumes - Elite Womens Plus Wicked Queen Costume
  17. girls-costumes - Vampire Girl Girl
  18. plus-size-costumes - Womens Immortal Seductress Plus Costume
  19. womens-costumes - Adult Womens Deluxe Hooded Gown Costume
  20. mens-costumes - Mens Very Cool Vampire Costume
  21. womens-costumes - Young Adult Rag Doll Girl
  22. girls-costumes - Vampira Girls Costume
  23. infant-toddler-costumes - Lvampire Costume for Infant
  24. mens-costumes - Sesame Street the Count Mens Costume
  25. teen-costumes - Teen Girls Victorian Vampire Costume
  26. infant-toddler-costumes - Baby Bat  Costume Infant Toddler
  27. womens-costumes - Adult Corpse Countess Costume
  28. womens-costumes - Evil Sorceress Adult Costume
  29. mens-costumes - Baron Von Bloodshed Mens Costume
  30. womens-costumes - Blood Thirsty Beauty Vampiress Womens Costume
  31. sexy-costumes - Sexy Bella Vamp Women
  32. infant-toddler-costumes - Vampire Costume for Toddler
  33. sexy-costumes - Women
  34. mens-costumes - 63 Inch Leather Look Cape Costume for Adults
  35. womens-costumes - Womens Plus Midnight Vampiress Costume
  36. womens-costumes - Vampiress of Versailles Plus Size Womens Costume
  37. womens-costumes - Adult Midnight Vampiress Costume
  38. womens-costumes - Full Length Hooded Cape Adult Costume
  39. womens-costumes - Royal Vampira Womens Costume
  40. womens-costumes - Sexy Countess Crypticia Vampire Costume
  41. womens-costumes - Adult Elite Gothic Vampire Costume
  42. sexy-costumes - 2 Pc. Love Bite Vampire Adult Costume
  43. womens-costumes - Baroness Von Bloodshed Womens Costume
  44. plus-size-costumes - Plus Size Gothic Vampiress Costume for Adult
  45. sexy-costumes - Sexy Midnight Mistress Adult Vampire Costume
  46. mens-costumes - Adult Midnight Vampire Costume
  47. womens-costumes - Vampiress of Versailles Womens Costume
  48. mens-costumes - Vampire of Versailles Mens Costume
  49. womens-costumes - Deluxe Hooded Robe Dress Adult Costume
  50. girls-costumes - Elite Gothic Vampiress Costume for Child
  51. womens-costumes - Sexy Moonlight Bite Light Up Vampire Adult Costume
  52. sexy-costumes - Adult Sexy Dark Angel Costume
  53. womens-costumes - Blood Vamp Women
  54. sexy-costumes - Sexy Fangtastic Vamp Vampire Costume
  55. sexy-costumes - Womens Sexy Madame Vamp Costume
  56. boys-costumes - Elite Gothic Vampire Costume for Child
  57. womens-costumes - Deluxe Mother Superior Nun Womens Costume
  58. mens-costumes - Count Chocula Adult Costume
  59. womens-costumes - Royal Vampiress Costume
  60. womens-costumes - Young Adult Little Dead Riding Hood
  61. womens-costumes - Deluxe Alluring Vampiress Womens Costume
  62. mens-costumes - Adult Male Victorian Vampire Costume
  63. sexy-costumes - Sexy Neck Biting Vamp Women
  64. womens-costumes - Victorian Vampiress Womens Costume
  65. mens-costumes - Adult Dicken
  66. mens-costumes - Grand Heritage Count of Transylvania Mens Costume
  67. womens-costumes - Women
  68. womens-costumes - Madame Macabre Womens Costume
  69. plus-size-costumes - Womens Plus Size Vamptessa Costume
  70. sexy-costumes - Womens Sexy First Bite Costume
  71. mens-costumes - Deluxe Vampire Be Slayed Mens Costume
  72. sexy-costumes - Women
  73. womens-costumes - Vampiress Plus Size Costume for Women
  74. boys-costumes - Vampire Be Slayed Boys Costume
  75. girls-costumes - Vampire Wtich Girl
  76. infant-toddler-costumes - Count Cutie Toddler Costume
  77. sexy-costumes - Womens Sexy Vampire Vixen Costume
  78. womens-costumes - Reversible Black and Red Cloak
  79. womens-costumes - Women
  80. boys-costumes - Child Reversible Spider & Bat Cape
  81. boys-costumes - Kids Dracula Hotel Transylvania Costume
  82. sexy-costumes - Elegant Vampire Womens Sexy Costume
  83. womens-costumes - Black Metallic Fabric Skirt with Pleats
  84. mens-costumes - Prince of Darkness Mens Costume
  85. sexy-costumes - Sexy Cruel Intentions Deluxe Adult Costume
  86. womens-costumes - Women
  87. mens-costumes - Very Cool Vampire Plus Costume
  88. plus-size-costumes - Adult Plus Queen of the Vampires
  89. sexy-costumes - Adult Sexy Goddess of Twilight Vampire Plus Costume
  90. womens-costumes - Victorian Vampiress Plus Size Costume for Women
  91. womens-costumes - Lady Dracula Womens Costume
  92. girls-costumes - Wedding Belle Girl
  93. plus-size-costumes - Adult Plus Size Queen of Darkness Costume
  94. sexy-costumes - Women
  95. womens-costumes - Adult Lady Nightshade, Ghost Bride Small
  96. womens-costumes - Women
  97. womens-costumes - Women
  98. womens-costumes - Women
  99. mens-costumes - Plus Size Gothic Vampire Costume for Adult
  100. boys-costumes - Black and Red Child Cape

Women's vampire (or vampira) Halloween costumes feature long gowns in red and black with the trademark high vampire collar. Sexy variations like vampire showgirl costumes, and vampire fairy costumes, among others, give you a sense of where the term "vamp" comes from.

Kids who want to be scary will find our vampire costumes for children to have quite a few outfits that look like they were part of an old black and white horror film. Others, mostly for girls, turn the vampire costume into a cute and sassy trick or treating outfit.

Vampire makeup and accessories are made for women, men and kids. The most important accessories for your vampire costume are fangs and blood. Even the most handsome or pretty vampire should have a bloodthirsty look. Make us your one-stop, wholesales source for all of you vampire costume needs.