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Mens Costumes » Caveman

Primordial Cavemen got their name from primitive cave drawings found by geologists and archeologists who made the realization that pre-historic beings lived in caves. Caveman clothes attribute their style to what archeologists think cavemen could have donned based on drawings, artifacts and fossilized remains. The Cave people used what was readily available to them to make clothes. Animal skins and fur were tied to make tunics, loin cloths as well as bracelets & necklaces made from the bones and teeth of the animals they killed. Our Caveman costumes feature these details but with fake fur and leather which makes them comfortable as well as more cost-effective.

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  2. Adult Barney Rubble From the Flintstones (tm)
  3. King of Caves Costume for Adults
  4. Adult Caveman Hunk Costume for Men
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  6. Cave Dweller Adult Costume
  7. Cave Dweller Adult Plus Size Costume

Caveman outfits are sexy because they give you the chance to show off your arms and legs. The recurring color theme in pre-historic costumes are shades of brown, black, gold & yellow animal fur. Most Cave Man Halloween costumes include cheetah or sabertooth tiger print tunics. Ordinarily they are short sleeved and are often worn off one-shoulder. Cavemen Halloween costumes often include extras like belts, headbands, leg coverings and wrist guards. However, if you like authenticity keep the outfit simple and choose not to wear the included extras.

Get in touch with your inner Cro-Magnon Man and wear caveman outfit this October 31st like the Caveman Hunk Costume. In one of our caveman outfits, you can hunt dinosaurs as well as wooly mammoth. To complete the look you need to add a few accessories. Things such as sandals and bone jewelry will do the trick. Caveman makeup works too. In addition, we offer a great pair of big fake Caveman feet and fake clubs.

Let your wild side show through in these Halloween get-ups for men.