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Masks » Venetian

Whether you're invited to a fancy party or you simply enjoy a great mask with a lot of character, the Venetian Masks selection is filled with the types of items you'll browse through for hours before coming to a definitive choice. These masks are elegant and will certainly be fine pieces to display in your home long after the party is over. These types of masks are worn during masquerades, which were popular and lavish parties held in Europe from the 15th century onwards. Today, they are still seen as inspiring and culturally significant displays of grandeur and celebration. These masks are beautiful crafted and decorated in order to match your gown or suit for the event you are attending.

  1. Blank Female Mask
  2. Blank Male Mask
  3. Adult Yellow Domino Mask
  4. Adult Red Domino Mask
  5. Lace Eyemask
  6. Zorro Mask
  7. Adult Green Domino Mask
  8. Phantom of the Opera Half Mask
  9. Pink Feather Mask
  10. Peacock Feather Mask
  11. Silver Butterfly Party Mask
  12. Black and Gold Feather Mask
  13. Mardi Gras Half Feather Mask
  14. Red Wand Feather Mask
  15. Adult Pink Domino Mask
  16. Blue Feather Mask
  17. Mardi Gras Peacock Feather Mask
  18. Adult Black Gold Male Mardi Gras Mask
  19. Black Phantom Mask
  20. Adult Glitzy Cat Black And Silver Mardi Gras Mask
  21. Filagree and Diamond Venetian Mask
  22. Adult Orange Domino Mask
  23. Deluxe Phantom Mask
  24. Turquoise Feather and Sequin Mask

Masks come in full and half varieties and feature details like lace, sequins, faux jewels, and feathers. Lots of intricate work goes into each mask, and some can be so involved that your entire face is covered in color. Gold and purple are especially popular colors to decorate the masks with because the parties they were worn in were intended to feel luxurious. You'll feel like royalty when wearing this mask out to your masquerade ball.

You'll be one of the most alluring characters present at the party when you find the right mask for you. Venetian masks are a tradition that continues to thrive and will always be a part of the culture.