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Mardi Gras » Feather Masks

Everybody celebrating Mardi Gras needs a mask, whether you're watching a parade, heading to a masquerade ball, or just throwing a party with your friends. Stand out from the crowd with one of these fabulous Mardi Gras Feather Masks! These glamorous and mysterious masks will make you feel like the king or queen of Mardi Gras. Available in a variety of colors and designs, these masks are a great addition to any of our incredible Mardi Gras costumes. Any of these fantastic masks could also be the foundation of a unique look all your own fashioned from our great selection of separates and accessories. Mardi Gras is all about being flashy, and these feathered masks will take your dazzling look to new heights.

  1. Mardi Gras Peacock Feather Mask
  2. White and Silver Baroque Stick Mask
  3. Venetian Mask with Side Feathers
  4. Feather Headdress
  5. Gold Glitter and Feather Mask
  6. Gold and Black Feather Eye Mask
  7. Baroque Fantasy Mask - Blue and Gold
  8. Black and Gold Deluxe Feather Mask
  9. Baroque Fantasy Mask - Red
  10. Black and Gold Feather Mask
  11. Red Venetian Mask
  12. Showgirl Venetian Mask
  13. Red Wand Feather Mask
  14. Peacock Feather Black Side Mask
  15. Mardi Gras Black Cocktail Mask
  16. Fancy Feathered Pink Eyemask
  17. Gold Eye Mask on Stick
  18. Women
  19. Venetian Stick Mask with Feathers
  20. Deluxe Mardi Gras Mask
  21. Dark Angel Feather Eyemask
  22. Red Venetian Mask and Hat
  23. Venetian Burgundy Velvet Feathered Mardi Gras Mask Adult
  24. Purple Violet Venetian Fan Mask

Many of these Mardi Gras feather masks are exciting embellished twists on the classic venetian mask. Some of them are available with elastic to strap around your head, while others are attached to sticks so you can take a break from concealing your identity. The official colors of Mardi Gras are gold, green, and purple, so we offer several styles featuring these colors. There are also masks in mysterious black and red motifs, as well as soft feminine pastel palettes. The placement of the glamorous feathers varies from mask to mask, with some featuring plumes on the top and others with feathers on the side. No matter which style you choose, these masks will give you an elegant and enticing appearance for your Mardi Gras celebration.

These amazing Mardi Gras feather mask will help you celebrate all of the festivities of Carnival in style!