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Add sophistication and charm to any costume that warrants it by donning your head in a Top Hat or Derby Hat. Top hats have been worn by prominent, well-to-do men for ages and the derby hat has been worn by the working class, royalty, and British military all in the same breath, so why can't you wear one?

  1. Flocked Derby Hat
  2. Durashape Derby Hat for Adults
  3. Durashape Top Hat Adult
  4. Black Durashape Top Hat for Kids
  5. Lincoln Stovepipe Hat for Adult
  6. Bowler Hat - Low Crown
  7. Black Sequin Top Hat for Adults
  8. Circus Sweetie Miniature Top Hat
  9. Black Pork Pie Hat
  10. Green Deluxe Top Hat
  11. Orange Deluxe Top Hat
  12. Durashape Derby Hat for Kids
  13. Deluxe Velvet Striped Satin Mini Top Hat Adult
  14. Pink Deluxe Top Hat
  15. Burlesque Miniature Top Hat
  16. Hat with Winged Skull Band
  17. Ladies Burlesque Mini Hat
  18. Steampunk Top Hat and Goggles
  19. Blue Deluxe Top Hat
  20. Yellow Deluxe Top Hat
  21. Women
  22. Wool Felt Derby Hat
  23. Wool Felt Top Hat
  24. Flared Wool Felt Top Hat

The answer is you can wear a top or derby hat, you simply have to find the right one that suits you and our wide array of these two classics makes the process easy. The top hat comes as tall or as short as you want it, depending on how dramatic a look you're going for, and you have the choice of getting one in almost any color that you like. Get a shimmering sequined one to bring in the New Year, which has been a tradition for quite some time. Ladies can pick up a miniature version of the top hat with fringe and lace details for a demure, Victorian-style look, or ornament it with flowers and bright colors to make a sexy clown. A glittery derby hat is a great costume idea for a nostalgic Saint Patty's Day look, or it one in every color so you can wear one each day of the week.

Some fashion trends only last for short amount of time, but the top hat and the derby hat are two timeless accessories that people will be wearing for many more years to come.