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Hats » Cowboy/Indian

Howdy partner, you look like you just rode in from the wild west! Our Cowboy and Indian Hats will look mighty fine completing your costume. We carry great hats and headdresses for children and adults, so your whole family can go on an adventure through the American frontier. Our high quality cowboy and cowgirl hats are perfect for Halloween and costume parties, as well as line dancing, rodeos, and country music festivals. These wide brimmed and high crowned hats are available in colors ranging from traditional black or brown to bright yellow and pink.

  1. Deluxe Indian Headband
  2. Adult Brown Leatherette Cowboy Hat
  3. Cowboy Hat
  4. Indian Feather Headdress
  5. Red Cowboy Deluxe Hat
  6. Men
  7. Kids Deluxe Rhinestone Cowgirl Hat
  8. Deluxe Indian Feather Headdress
  9. White Cowboy Hat For Adults
  10. Women
  11. Adult Woven Straw Cowboy Hat
  12. Brown Cowboy Hat for Child
  13. Adult Pink Sequin Cowgirl Hat
  14. Child Sized Straw Cowboy Hat
  15. Orange Cowboy Deluxe Hat
  16. Green Cowboy Deluxe Hat
  17. Pink Cowboy Deluxe Hat
  18. Colorful Indian Headdress
  19. Purple Cowboy Deluxe Hat
  20. Authentic Indian Headdress
  21. Yellow Cowboy Deluxe Hat
  22. Imitation Fur Trapper Hat for Adult
  23. Blue Cowboy Deluxe Hat
  24. Cowboy Hat with Black Stitching

Our Native American headdresses feature colorful feathers and come in various shapes and sizes, depending on your rank in the tribe. Cowboy and Indian hats are necessary for creating an authentic western costume, so don't let your look fall off the horse by not getting the right hat.

Cowboy and Western movies have captured the imaginations of little boys and girls for decades, so cowboys and cowgirls are popular choices for Halloween. A cowboy hat is the defining piece of clothing for North American cowboys, and a symbol of the American West recognized all over the world. In Western movies, the cowboy is often up against the Indians, but Native Americans have a rich history of their own. Headdresses, or war bonnets, were worn by honored men in the tribes of the Great Plains, and they're one of the most recognizable symbols of Native American culture.

These cowboy and Indian hats, along with the other great props and accessories available from Wholesale Costume Club, will help you finish your costume and travel back in time to the wild west!