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The 50s were amazing. It was the decade when Rock and Roll was born. The King of Rock and Roll was Elvis Presley and other notable musicians Chuck Berry and Fats Domino. The guys and gals would go to the drive-in to see stars like Marlin Brando, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. Everyone wanted to be just like them. Now girls can dress like people from the 50s in our line of 1950’s Halloween costume for girls.

  1. Car Hop Girl Costume for Child
  2. Pretty Poodle Princess Girls Costume
  3. Kids Poodle Skirt
  4. Kids Poodle Dress With Scarf & Belt
  5. Kids Ladies Satin Jacket In Pink Costume
  6. Kids Poodle Skirt Costume
  7. Kids Poodle Dress Costume Including Scarf and Belt
  8. 50
  9. Kids Pink Ladies Satin Jacket
  10. Soda Pop Girl Costume
  11. Child Black and White 50s Top Costume
  12. Kids Polka Dot Rocker Costume
  13. Jr. Astronaut Backpack
  14. Girl
  15. Nifty Fifties Costume for Child
  16. Kids 50
  17. 50s Hop with Poodle Skirt Costume for Girl
  18. Jukebox Girl Costume for Child
  19. Pretty in Poodle Girl
  20. Black Poodle Skirt Girl

For kids in the 50s, Rock 'n roll was the center of pretty much everything. They would play their 45s on the Victrola and learn all the latest dances. After school they would go to the soda shop and have a milk shake with friends. Our girls 50s costume epitomize this time. Among the Fifties costumes for Halloween for girls includes outfits like the childrens Pink Poodle Dress costume. You can also choose from a variety of child Poodle skirt Halloween costumes.

Girls will want our girl's 50s costumes because they are so retro to wear for Halloween and also because they feature a lot of pink. For her next costume party she can choose one of our Nineteen Fifties outfits and be a little bobby soxer. Remember that girl’s Nineteen Fifties costumes do the trick well by themselves yet certainly make a prize winning combination when worn with kids in other 50s costumes.

Plus, we have some of the beneficial additional items including but not limited to bobby socks, sunglasses, shoes and even jewelry from our great selection at the most affordable prices online.