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If you're thinking about a new career endeavor or you want a brand new ensemble for the holiday season, these Professional Santa Suits are perfect for you! These high quality suits can be worn for many years to come. Whether you work in a mall or you book private functions, you'll love the rich materials used to create these suits that will help you transform into jolly old Saint Nick! These ensembles are made of rich red velvet and soft white faux fur on the jackets, pants, and hats. Generally, black belts and boot covers are included as well. We also carry a great selection of beards, wigs, glasses, gloves, toy bags, and bells to complete your look! In one of these professional Santa suits, kids of all ages will want to sit on your lap and tell you what they want for Christmas!

  1. christmas - Santa Suit Costume In Velvet
  2. christmas - Professional Velvet Santa Suit XXXL
  3. christmas - XXL Professional Velvet Santa Suit
  4. christmas - Classic Adult Professional Santa Suit
  5. christmas - Red Velvet Men
  6. christmas - Xx Large Professional Santa Suit
  7. christmas - Deluxe Edition Adult Santa Suit
  8. christmas - Adult Plus Size Professional Quality Santa Suit
  9. christmas - Majestic Santa Suit XXL Adult Costume
  10. christmas - Velvet Santa Suit with Overalls
  11. christmas - Hooded Old Time Santa Costume
  12. christmas - Classic Velvet Adult Santa Suit
  13. christmas - Deluxe Adult Old Fashioned Santa Suit
  14. christmas - Deluxe Xl Santa Suit
  15. christmas - Professional Grade Adult Plus Size Santa Suit
  16. christmas - Adult Plus Size Old Fashioned Style Santa Suit
  17. christmas - Deluxe Plus Size XXL Santa Suit
  18. christmas - Plus Size Professional Quality Ultra Velvet Santa Suit Xxl Costume
  19. christmas - Adult Men
  20. christmas - Adult Plus Size Christmas Santa Suit
  21. christmas - Adult Standard Size Premium Classic Santa Suit
  22. christmas - Professional Santa Suit XXXL Adult Costume

The now familiar image of Santa Claus evolved during the 19th century. The character is based on a variety of figures, like Saint Nicholas and the Dutch Sinterklass, but in 1822 Clement Clarke Moore wrote a story entitled "An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas." This story popularized the image of a jolly old elf with the ability to ascend chimneys and a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Later, in 1881, cartoonist Thomas Nast depicted Santa Claus with a fur trimmed red suit and a workshop in the North Pole filled with elves crafting toys. The rest is history, and Santa Claus has been a pivotal part of the holiday season ever since.

Keep the legend of Santa Claus alive with one of our incredible professional Santa suits!