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The Santa Claus Christmas hat is the best Christmas accessory there is. In addition to being the most important part of a Santa Claus costumes besides the long white beard, the Santa Hat can be worn by anyone wanting to add a little bit of holiday cheer to their outfit.

  1. christmas - Adult Red and Green Elf Hat
  2. christmas - Soft Touch Reindeer Antler Accessory
  3. christmas - Felt Elf Hat with Bells
  4. christmas - Adult Plush Santa Hat with Beard and Moustache
  5. christmas - Wooden Toy Soldier Hat
  6. christmas - Santa Chimney Hat for Adult
  7. christmas - Santa Hat with Shot Glasses
  8. christmas - Plush and Velvet Santa Hat
  9. christmas - Adult Santa Springy Headband
  10. christmas - Rudolph Antler Set
  11. christmas - Sequin Santa Hat with Fur Trim
  12. christmas - CHAPEAU STRUDEL HEAD - RED
  13. christmas - Plush Santa Hat for Child
  14. christmas - Regal Santa Hat
  15. christmas - Santa Hat
  16. christmas - Green & Red Elf Hat
  17. christmas - Menorah Hat
  18. christmas - Grinch Hat with Beard
  19. christmas - Brown Antler Headband
  20. christmas - Plush Swirl Santa Hat
  21. christmas - Adult Unisex Snowman Kit
  22. christmas - Santa Hat with Dreads Adult
  23. christmas - Antler Santa Hat

You can wear a Christmas hat with anything. As soon as you put it on, what ever you are wearing in instantly transformed into a festive Christmas outfit. The most popular Christmas hat is the Santa hat but there are a wide variety of other too. For example, there are elf hats. Elf Christmas hats and typically green and red with a pointy top. Some have the elf ears attached too. Also included in the hat category are reindeer antler headbands. We have stiles that light and some that jingle. Berets and old fashioned caroler Christmas hats will look festive when you go visiting and caroling.

With this very simple addition to your costume or wardrobe you can you can go from being bah humbug to holly jolly. Our Christmas hats offer something for everyone.