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Boys Costumes » Police/Firefighter

Dress him up as a member of the township's bravest or finest this Halloween with our wonderful array of fire fighter and cop costume for boys. The costumes on our site are excellent and we are expanding the category with new items on a regular basis. Buy one of our boy's police uniforms or firefighter costumes and he will be putting out pretend fires all over the backyard.

  1. Deluxe Fire Fighter Costume for Toddlers
  2. Kids Junior Police Suit Costume
  3. Child
  4. Junior Firefighter Black Costume for Boys
  5. Junior Firefighter Tan Costume for Boy
  6. Junior Train Engineer Costume for Boy
  7. Police Costume for Child
  8. Youth Police Officer Costume
  9. Youth Deluxe Police Officer Costume Set
  10. Tan Fire Fighter Boy
  11. Youth Fire Chief Costume
  12. Kids S.W.A.T. Team Costume

Firefighter and cop costumes for boys have realistic details like firefighter hats and police hand cuffs. Additionally, you will appreciated all the additional details like the authentic color of our cop costumes and the reflector trim on the firefighter costumes. This Halloween, he can look like the heroes that rescue people for a living, but without the real-life risk. Firefighters and police are akin to superheroes to some people therefore our costumes commemorate these men and women even if they are in the form of a kid-sized Halloween costume.

With each of our boy's costumes, we advise that you select your favorite and see all of the specifications. We give you a full product description, and size-chart information so you get the costume that fits him perfectly.