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Accessories » Pirate

Yo, ho, ho and blow the man down! Its time for you to get into character and let out a big "Arrrr!" because you've discovered our chest of Pirate Accessories. There's no life like a life at sea and sinking a few ships along the way doesn't sound too bad either.

  1. Pirate Eye Patch
  2. Pirate Gold Coins
  3. Pirate Boot Cover
  4. 28 Inches Pirate Sword
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean Goatee and Moustache Set
  6. Pirate Earring and Eye Patch Set
  7. Red Women
  8. Men
  9. Rhinestone Pirate Eye Patch
  10. Silver and Gold Pirate Cutlass
  11. Pirate Sword
  12. Pirate Matie Men
  13. Dangling Flower Coin Earrings
  14. Rubber Dagger
  15. Pirate Hook
  16. Rogue Moustache and Chin Patch
  17. Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler
  18. Adult Black Buccaneer Boot
  19. Plastic Pirate
  20. Pewter Pirate Dagger Pendant with Cord Necklace
  21. 12 Inch Parrot
  22. Deluxe Men
  23. Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Pistol
  24. 30 Pirate Cutlass

Everything you need to sail the stormy seas and scout for buried treasure is included in our array of pirate accessories. You will definitely need a spyglass so you can see what kind of booty another ship has on deck. A stockpile of swords is waiting for you to pick through and find the best tool for battling other sea bandits, or if you're going for a more scary pirate look then get a hook to replace one of those blasted hands. Accessorizing is important for everybody, even pirates, and their choices include single, gold hoop earrings and of course an eye patch. Fill a treasure chest with all kinds of rubies and emeralds and the lady pirates can do it up with dazzling necklaces, golden coin earrings, and even lacy pirate hats just for her. A flowy, white satin shirt with a perky pet parrot on the shoulder and some swarthy boot covers and your pirate look will be complete so you can become the next Black Beard.

The giant red 'X' marks the spot where you'll find the swankiest garb in the Seven Seas with these amazing pirate accessories.