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Accessories » Makeup Kits

Get completely into character with face paint, makeup, prosthetic effects, and more. Get creative and really go all out with your costume. Adding makeup to your outfit can be the perfect finishing touch and the difference between a good costume and a great way. It's really all about the details that help bring your character to life. This category features an impressive selection and extensive variety of makeup and prosthetic choices, including the supplies you need to apply and remove them. You don't need to visit a professional makeup artist to get the perfect look you want, you just need to shop right here, in our Makeup Kits and Supplies department!

  1. Pointy Elf Ears
  2. Red Face Paint
  3. Smurfs Makeup and Nose Kit
  4. Tri Color Pallettes for Skeleton
  5. Gross Zombie Makeup Set
  6. Trip Color Pallettes for Vampire Makeup
  7. Zombie Character Makeup Kit
  8. Smurfette Child Wig and Makeup Set
  9. Glamour Girl Makeup
  10. Color Pallet with 24 Glitter Eye Creams
  11. Batman
  12. Green Elf Ears
  13. Monster High Lagoona Blue Makeup Kit
  14. Who Knows? Prosthetic Nose
  15. Xotic Eyes Eye Decals - Desire
  16. Family Costume Makeup Kit
  17. Glow-in-the-dark Makeup Sticks
  18. Zombie Makeup Kit
  19. Halo Master Chief Accessory Kit
  20. Day of Dead Face and Body Jewels Kit
  21. Glitter Party Makeup Kit
  22. Tri Color Pallettes for Cat
  23. Face Paint Costume Makeup Kit
  24. Avatar Navi Makeup Kit

This large category features an astounding assortment of makeup and supplies, so everyone with any costume choice can find just what they need right here. Many of the kits and sets sold in this section are specific to a theme or character, so you can be sure you're getting the perfect look. You can find smaller tri-color makeup sets, or larger kits that feature a variety of colors and we carry both budget option and cinema grade sets. From animals to monsters and everything in between, you can find a makeup kit here that will get the job done. We also carry stick on nails, eyelash accents, bald caps, and fake ears. Of course, our extensive selection of prosthetic effects and fake blood makeup kits can be the perfect finishing touch to your frighteningly realistic Halloween costume.

When shopping for makeup, don't forget about the applicators and removers you need too. We carry absolutely everything you need to get the perfect look you're going for, so browse through our selection and order your makeup kits and supplies today!